Tuesday, 4 October 2011

5 great things about being a parent

My recent series of blogs have apparently put some of my younger followers off ever having kids.  Why discussions about sleepless nights, bodily fluids and public bowel movements would do that to you I'll never know.  But I thought it best I write about some of the great things about being a mum for a change. Not the warm and fuzzy ones, like new born baby toes and hugs in the morning - we can get all those from fabric softener adverts. Instead I thought I'd mention a few of the other things that are great.

1. Relieving and reflecting on childhood. Its grand - you get to watch your children doing all sorts of stuff, and remember how exciting they were when you were a child before you became all cynical - like a bouncy castle and a helter skelter. I'm also watching my children learning gymnastics and thinking - Hey, I remember that and I used to be able to do that etc. Quite good for the ego actually.

2. Holding a mirror up to yourself for the world to see.  Elder K recently told someone that "Jesse J is rubbish and Coldplay are over-rated but the new Kasabian album rocks". I was so proud I nearly wept. That's my girl.  And when they are complimented it reflects so well you, and you get to say - Hey, I gave the world that child. I even made her, cell by cell - go me!

3. You get to play "When I was a child I never had..." or "I always wanted..." and dress your children up like little dollies in your favourite clothes from your favourite shops. G the younger is currently sporting a jumper by a certain country clothing brand - not really sensible for a 12 month old... You may also think  - I always wanted one of those Barbie dolls houses" or "a decent train set" or whatever. My child also has a wide a variety of "eco-snob" wooden toys, which I think people gave me, rather than G, for her birthday!

4. Kids are excellent humour.  K and E regularly crack us all up. For example I recently had a migraine and decided to fob it off with a box of smarties. Middle E came in and said to me: Why are you eating chocolate? Me: Because I don't feel well. E: Well chocolate isn't going to help...  Or K, who this very instant just said "There are believable things and magic things. Magic things are things you believe in you know aren't real but still believe in". Well I'm glad we cleared that up then...

5. Should you have the misfortune/good fortune to move away from the place you grew up, went to uni or whatever your thing is, and discover you know no-one, kids are a great way to make friends.  I currently have some of the best friends I have had as an adult, and I met them all through things related to the kids - parents from the school or nursery, a mum from ballet, another from gymnastics. And the best part is - they WANT to talk about kids, potty training, stacking cups, sleeping schedules and other riveting subjects your DINKY friends just don't get.

So in conclusion - have kids because they flatter your ego, are an excuse for shopping, good humour and a great way to meet people. What more do you want!

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  1. erm, I remain unconvinced of this parenthood thing being a good thing...
    Also, I'm starting to wonder why K isn't playing a musical instrument yet ?