Saturday, 15 October 2011

More milestones for 13 month olds

Apologies for lack of blog for a few days, there has been much going on. Mainly that my mum has been here. This means every spare second of my time has been taken up with nattering, shopping and wine. My blog-inspiration ran dry. But, alas, she is going home this morning, and surprise, here I am blogging again. To borrow from an e-mail that has been doing the rounds "Our Granny lives at the airport. When we need her we go and get her, and when we've had enough we take her back"...

So in the meantime - Miss G is now 13 months old and seems to be doing new stuff everyday. Some things are exciting - she is almost standing on her own and almost doing a normal crawl (she is a bum shuffler). However, she has also started a few less exciting things, that she is actually doing. So in the spirit of my "popular" post on modern mileSTONES for child development  here are a few things you can expect your 13 month old to do, or you can tick off if yours did any:

1. Biting. I am sporting several nice brown circles on my upper arm which may have caused my fellow loons at ballet to think my husband beats me. G has bitten me 3 times in the last week. I have had to introduce the naughty step. It involves dumping her smartly on the floor and turning my back. Mercifully she is not just shuffling round to sit in front of me. Neither of the other two ever bit me. Typical of the last one to let the side down.

2. She has discovered there are two blanket bears. Fail.  Blanket bear is the silly little bear sewn on a wee blanket she uses to soothe herself to sleep. I had them for the other two, but they never imprinted on them and ignored them. G on the other had loves her. Trust her to be difficult (picking up a trend here?). So I have two, so that if one is lost or in the wash I can smugly avoid a full scale melt down. However, she has discovered that there are two, and has taken to wanting BOTH of them, and not being satisfied with just the one. This can only end in tears and a house full of the gormless things.

3.Attempting to stand up in items she is supposedly secured in. High chair, chair harness, the bath, the trolley, the buggy etc.  Great death-defying stunts are occurring when an eye is taken off her for even one second.  Expect a blog on the joys of A and E anytime soon!

4.  The discovery that clothes come on and off. Especially that socks come off, and other people's dirty nickers can be put on, as a hat. No further comment is required.

5.  Throwing your toys out of your cot. Literally doing this. When put down to sleep she has taken to having a full scale thrombo before dutifully going to sleep. However during this tantrum she throws EVERYTHING out of the cot. Blanket bear and dummy go first, so that she now can't sleep. But also any other soft toys in the cot. And the actual blanket, eiderdown, her socks, her pillow and anything else she can get her hands on. I fully expect to find her asleep naked on a bare mattress in a few months...

Thank goodness for third children. How dull my life would be without this...

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  1. yeah, think I'll stick with a 13wk old puppy thanks :P