Monday, 29 August 2011

Junior nerds on board

My husband and I are Botantists (well by training at least).  We met at University studying Botany, he has a Master's in it - I have a PhD.  We are Botany nerds at heart.  And this weekend we visited Kew Gardens in London - Botany Mecca, Disneyland Nerd, Plant Heaven.  I was so excited - I was ready to get my Biology geek on.  But something rather unexpected happened - the kids got their nerd on too!  They had a blast, but they also learned a massive amount and sucked up information on all sorts of things - far more than I ever anticipated.  Is it okay that I'm turning my kids into nerds? Will they get sand kicked in their eyes in the play ground now?  Be last picked at gym? Only date the Captain of the chess team?  Be the captain of the Chess team?  Of course - they didn't turn into nerds in one day, I know.  And it is inevitable that they are going to be mathletes and represent Lamda Lamda Lamda.  But lets just say this day emphasized their progress to full blown nerddom...

Middle E trying to practice gymnastics on a style...

3D Stomata - coooool mum 

Magic in the mind - the evolution house

We like these ones the best - what's their Latin name mummy?


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