Thursday, 4 August 2011

Who am I? Who are you?

So here is the story.  I'm a face book addict.  My face book is open all day, and I wonder past it often, possibly upon occasion unnecessarily, to see what witty banter has been written recently, and to post my every thought in my status.  I write a lot of statii.  Possible more than is healthy.  For a few months people have been suggesting I blog instead (as well - surely?),  so I'm giving it a try...

So who am I?  Well I suppose that depends on when you are reading this.  Hopefully you are reading this at some point in the future, and I am a celebrated blogger, regular guest on Mock the week and QI, and someone who hires someone else to do the ironing and to clean the toilet . If you are reading this is August 2011, however, best I give you the background.  I have 3 kids (all girls - currently 7, 4 and 10 months), a husband who sometimes acts like a kid, and 2 ridiculous cats that are worse than kids.  I am a double immigrantee - having immigrated to South Africa from the UK with my parents in the 80s, and having immigrated (complete with my South African husband and housekeeping exceptions) back to the UK in 2009.  I have a PhD in Botany (useful), have published scientific papers (ooooo), have 10 years experience as a science teacher (because I am such an authority figure :?) - so of course these days I am... my husbands admin assistant - obviously.  I am an atrocious house keeper, amateur cake decorator and alternative music history fan.  And now I am  blogger - sharing my reflections on the daily challenges of being me...

So this brings us on to who are you.  Well at this point you are only my face book friends.  So this means you are my immediate family, extended family, long lost family, people I went to school and University with, people  I worked with in the past, people whose children go to school with my kids, people I sat near once in the doctors rooms, people I passed on an underground escalator and handed my face book name to... okay maybe not the last one.  But - I would like this blog to be read my a wider audience than my face book friends, otherwise its not really worth the effort. So please pass it on to anyone you think my enjoy reading my witty repartee / random ramblings (select your preferred description).

Thank you, bye


  1. You're such a shameless self promo Facebook addict potential regular blogger. What should I do with you?

  2. Off to a fabulous start...I'm here because of savitri:) You're going to love blogging!

  3. Any friend of Savitri is a friend of mine. You and I share many things in common. I look forward to having your humor help with my own insanity. :) And, I'm crazy for all things British these days {thank you, Netflix!} so you're right up my alley. Welcome to blogland!

  4. I've been meaning to read all of your blog for a couple of weeks but never had time due to marauding toddler. He is miraculously asleep at the moment, so I got stuck in. Love it! I could be your twin (although I'm probably even worse at housekeeping and mummying if I'm honest and I only have one child). Will pass on your link to a few friends.