Monday, 26 September 2011

5 skills you need to be a parent.

Short but sweet today - I'm a wee bit tired. But here are 5 skills I think you must have in order to be a good modern parent...

1. The ability to appear to be listening, intently, to an immensely elaborate story about every single detail of your child's day at school. Never let on that you are actually day dreaming about David Tennant or mentally writing this evening's blog.

2. The ability to select an outfit, put it on, do your hair, put your make up on and grab your hand bag in 7 minutes flat because if you don't you will be late for the school run...
3. De-sensitisation to mucus on your left shoulder - its always there. Accept it, move on.
4. The ability to sit gracefully through dance recitals choreographed by your children, puppet shows written by your children and songs composed by your children - don't forget to applaud rapturously when it finally finishes.
5. The skill of being able to identify your children's clothing from a hundred paces. And don't get smug and tell me you've labelled it. Firstly you never manage to label it all, you always miss something, and secondly they only lose not labelled items...

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  1. It gets better in high school when the answer to a mother's 'how was your day at school?' is met with the flat toned 'fine.' :P Monosyllables kick in around puberty... I think