Wednesday, 7 September 2011

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday - Middle E starts big school...

Middle E went to big school this morning.  Neither of us cried.  In fact she told me "Mummy you can go now" and shortly after that "Mummy - why are you still here? Just go already". That's second children for you.  Lord only knows what Baby G will be like - try and fob me off at the car no doubt.  Eldest K started year 3.  This frightens me a little - year 3?   That sounds tremendously big.  Baby G and I are reveling in the silence at home...

E - looking smug

E and K rocking out their school uniform

A old one for a laugh - K's first day at school in the UK.  E has been asking when she can go pretty much since then.  And that is about the only time that school hat has ever been worn.

Eldest K's first day of pre-school in South Africa - what happened to that little girl?


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