Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blogging with my Granddad... (Semi-silent Sunday)

I went to visit my Granddad today. He is 87 and a D-Day survivor. He is finally surrendering his independence and moving into a care home.  I went there to help him get ready to move. I offered to sell some of his things on e-bay. He gave me the "in my day we never had such things and we did just fine" look.  Occasionally I ponder how much the world has changed since during his life time. He was born in 1924 - George V was on the throne and toilets were very much found outside of the house. He firmly believes seat belts are more dangerous to passengers than car accidents, phones should have cords, phone numbers live in a book, music belongs on records and video games are the root of all evil.  He refuses to get a "computerry-bob" and still has an electric typewriter (which he can no longer use). He insists that snail mail is better than e-mail, and goes into the foetal position if you go anywhere near him with a touch screen.  So imagine how well it went when I tried to explain about my blog to him today. "So its an online diary". No Granddad because other people read it. "So its like your face book thingy". No granddad, because strangers read it. "Strangers? Why?" - well I can't help you with that one...  "How many?" Well its been read over 2000 times in the last month.  "Sounded like a newspaper column...". I gave up at this point, hell it sounded quite good to be honest. But  given Granddad's ability to embellish a story I'll probably be writing for the Telegraph by next weekend...

I didn't take any pics today - but I did take this one of Great-Granddad with baby G a few months ago - on my phone. Granddad: "I don't know why you'd want to take a picture on your phone, I really don't.  What's wrong with a camera with film I ask you?" Sure Granddad - cos I miss the days of having to send the film away for 3 days to develop, and then getting back a whole pile of over-exposed unwound on pictures of peoples feet... Wonder what little gadgets my grandchildren will be waving under my nose when I'm 87, so that I can lament about "the simple pleasures of Dong Kong" and "What's wrong with playing Angry birds on an i-pad?". There'd better be flying cars...


  1. I'm hoping for flying automobiles and holidays on Mars! And some hardcore longevity treatments else I might not live to get a space-holiday.

  2. I love your granddad! Who needs a computerry-bob anyway?