Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rock on Miss K

A funny thing happened yesterday: K discovered my blog.  She was as perplexed by it as my Granddad was on Sunday.  Just when I thought I'd made its role in my life perfectly clear she said "When I grow up I'm going to write a blog too". Me: "Excellent" K: "Yes - then I can embarrass my children on the internet too". Sigh, another failure then. I placated her by showing her that two of her best friends' mothers also have blogs.  After digging through mine a little more, she then announced "there is lots on here about E and G, but nothing about me". "This one is about you" I say. "No", she replies "its about you and my pencil case". Well technically they are all about me, its my blog, and I have been known to talk about myself a little.  However, heaven forbid she be correct, so here is a blog dedicated entirely to my big girl...

As implied yesterday Miss K listens to rock music.  I know this is a product of the home she has grown up in, but still, I think she is more passionate about listening music than the average child.  I love my alternative music. The radio, tuned to Absolute radio a commercial rock channel, is on almost all the time. I also tend to put the telly on MTV rocks in the background if I am ironing or cooking or the like, and K sits like a sponge absorbing it all. She can identify over 20 bands - ranging from 80s rock through to current artists - often even if she has not heard that specific song before. We play "Who is this?" all the time. She loves to try and identify the artist before the chorus comes on, and has useful rules like "singing down his nose - Green Day", "piano - Cold Play", "piano and loud guitar - Muse" "Singing then shouting then singing again - Linkin Park" etc.  Middle E wants to play as well, but at the moment just tends to yell "Green Days; Kings of Leons" and "Noah  in the Whale" in that order, then when the correct answer is given will say "I know who this is, its Francis Ferdinands".  K is very scathing of popular music, going so far as saying to me recently "Why would anyone like Justin Bieber when they could like Brandon Flowers?"  I honestly don't know my baby... She had to identify her favourite song and band for her music homework. Simple task? Wrong. It took her over 20 minutes - she made a short list of 12 artists which she eventually trimmed down to 4 (The Killers; Muse; Queen and the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and then proceeded to list her favourite song for the radio (Human by the Killers), favourite music video (Mr Brightside by the Killers) and favourite live performance (I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs). We were late for school, tres suprise'

 But its more than just me liking rock, therefore K likes rock. There is also the rock knowledge/trivia/useless information aspect.  My friends will know that, even back as far as high school, I've prided myself on knowing as much as possible about just about everything to do with music. I also have a very useful talent (not) that if I hear a song more than twice I'll know most of its lyrics. K does both of these as well.  She has recently announced that she "only likes Oasis when Noel is singing", "the Beatles were the best act of the 60s mummy" and that the Chili Peppers have a great back catalogue of funny videos.  She knows all the words to quite a few songs, even some she shouldn't, and sings along at the top of her lungs in the car each morning! Yesterday there was a countdown of the 10 best songs by Kasabian. She was glued to the television, and correctly predicted the top 3.  She makes me very proud!

We took her to her first rock concert during the Summer - we went to Hard Rock Calling to see James, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers. It bucketed with rain the entire time, but she loved it! It was the best day of her life, apparently. She is already making a list of bands she wants to see next Summer, and has requested we stand closer to the front next time!

Rock on big Girl!

(This photo was taken by my friends - if you like it please go look at her work http://www.facebook.com/pages/M-J-Photography/167694366629362 or check out her very popular craft blog http://www.scrapbit.com/)

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  1. I bet Katie will be thrilled on M's musical knowledge/experience too. She put down Taylor Swift. We listen to Frank Sinatra and those folks while Drew's collection is more colourful. But, M doesn't listen to much. Oh, M doesn't know I talk about her ;)