Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday night ramblings 1: The fridge

We need a new fridge... I took this for my Face-book wall, with the caption "And this is supposed to go where?".  Sadly I took it in November last year, and the problem hasn't improved.  I have been whinging about this for nearly a year and its no longer a joke. We really really really need a new fridge, ours is just too small for a family of 5.  But here's the thing (there is always a thing) - I'm sure we didn't need these huge *ssed fringes when I was a child, even though families were as big, if not bigger. Why is this? Are we eating more? Well probably. Are we buying more and throwing half of it away? Also possibly. But I've hatched on another answer:

This is my families milk selection. I have skimmed milk, E has soya milk (lactose-intolerant), G has lactose-free milk (lactose and soya-intolerant) and to honest there should be full cream for K as well but it's finished and I'm a rubbish mum and didn't pick any up today. Fortunately my husband doesn't drink milk at all, because if he did he'd probably want a different variety just to be difficult. And all 4 types of milk need to be stored in the door. This means there is no room for anything else. Then there is the yoghurt, and again this is fat free, full cream, soya and lactose-free. Do you have any idea how much space this takes up? At least a full whole shelf. I only have 3! When I was a child the milk was the milk. 1 bottle, in the door. Done. I'm also fairly sure when there was only one tub of yoghurt in the fridge, which seemed to last for days, and definitely didn't get a shelf to itself. Was no one lactose-intolerant then? Where parents just less inclined to indulge their kids and themselves (the milk we have is the milk we have)? More importantly, how can I be anally retentive about the positioning of things in an over-packed fridge. Hell, I'm lucky if I can get the door shut, let alone put things in neat little piles. And don't even think of trying to fit left overs in there. Eat it dammit, there's no room. (This is also a good excuse for finished any open bottles of wine).

Anyway - thank you for reading, what is essentially a very public dig at my spouse that I want a nice double door fridge, and thank you for coming back.  My blog hit 4000 tonight. I've very excited. So excited in fact I think I'll go and attempt to repack the veggie draw. Living the high-life on a Friday night...


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