Saturday, 3 September 2011

5 things my children fail to understand...

My kids are pretty smart, most of the time, but there are certain things they just fail to grasp.

1. The function of a plaster - it is to protect an open wound while it forms a scab. Period.  It is not a magic cure.  They are not required for sprains, bruises, mosquito bites, scars or embarrassment.  Middle E has gone so far as to inform me that "magic kisses do not work on bumps, but plasters work on everything".

2. Somethings just aren't your business.  This particularly applies to Eldest K who seems to think that any conversation DH and I have must be something she also deserves to know about.  If we talk softly or go into another room she'll just follow us.  We have resorted to speaking Afrikaans now in order to discuss such things, but knowing her she'll be praating die taal soon enough just to keep up.

3. Not tonight - Mummy's tired. (Not that! This is a mummy blog, not a wife blog). Sometimes I'm just too tired for reading a full chapter of a book. More likely, I know their is a mountain of house work waiting for me to get on with once they go to sleep.  But apparently I owe them a full chapter each night, its their constitutional right.

4.  Toys advertised on television are expensive and rubbish.  They are plastic fantastic and once the magic hair changing brush, or whatever it is, is lost (so approximately 15 minutes after opening) it will never be played with again. They don't believe me - they think it is a plot to stop them having fun.  Eldest K has even suggested we do an experiment - buy one of these toys to determine scientifically if they are actually rubbish. I told you she was smart...

5. Occasionally even mummy gets sick, or if she's really lucky, hung over.  Some times I just need 5 minutes to sit down and catch my breath, or have a little doze.  Go ask Daddy, just this once, to put the tutu on the Polly Pocket.  Just this once find your zuzu pet without me having to tell you its in the same place it always is.  Just this once tell each other the "riviting" factoid you have decided I really need to know. Actually it would be nice if that happened more than just this once.

Right I'm off - I need to put a plaster on baby G's nappy rash and read a chapter of James and the Giant Peach before icing a cake all night. Stand by for a blow by blow reflection on the success of birthday party 1 tomorrow...

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