Sunday, 4 September 2011

Who hosted a party for 50 kids today then?

Mercifully it is Silent Sunday as I am totally too tired to write a decent reflective entry. 50 kids and no hired entertainer, just me and traditional party games?  What was I thinking? Well clearly I wasn't.  Let me just share a few little nuggets I learned today:

1. Playing musical chairs doesn't work if any of the little darlings decide to wander off to visit Mummy half way through the round.  I remember now why I don't teach at primary school.
2. Don't say you are going to have a prize for the best colouring if you have already handed out all the prizes.
3. Children who are 3 or 4 can't handle the rules of duck, duck, goose.
4. Don't have a fancy dress competition - it just makes the children cry.
5. Always hire an entertainer. As awful as children's entertainers are, trying to control 50 preschool children is far worse...

I even had a bouncy castle outside for the hyper ones (i.e. all the boys) - but of course it tipped it down with rain all afternoon didn't it?  That was £60 well spent.  Worst thing is, I have to do it again next Sunday. Can't Baby G's birthday just be permanently moved to October to give me a few weeks to recover?  Still Middle E had a great time, Eldest K lorded over the entire proceedings like a teenager, and baby G didn't sleep for 9 hours due to the excitement.  Not to mention the present haul...

Right - I've told ya'll  my thing about making birthday cakes, so here is today's cake. It was a Russian nesting doll theme... Having now broadcast this on the web I expect chocy-wocky-do-dah will be trying to offer me a job within the week. :)

One last thing - my number of views has past 1000 in just over month. Thank you all for indulging me XXX


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