Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Return of the maroon goon (Semi-wordless Wednesday)

He's been gone from my life for nearly 3 years but yesterday it happened - THAT purple dinosaur and his annoying children friends re-entered my life.  I am not a SAHM, I am a WFHM, and keeping G busy is sometimes challenging.  I popped the maroon goon on yesterday on the off chance I might get some work done, and hey presto - Silence...

Better the devil you know I guess, and  boy do I know Barney. In fact it turns out that not only do I know Barney, I still know all the words to "colours make me happy, every where I go..." and "squishy-squishy squashy, give those hands a washy", the names of the pretentious kids (I've always had a love/hate relationship with Hannah, who is presumably now a 25 year old woman) and the actions to both the clapping song and the Baby bop hop. Still, a whole generation of North American and South African kids (and countless other countries I'm sure) have been introduced to socials norms through a stern deliverance of "Barney say's Caring is Sharing" by their mother; and you can never actually go wrong with the Clean Up Song. Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway, seeing as he's back for another year or two, best I believe he has some redeeming qualities, and I don't mean BJ and Baby bop

And, erm, no that is not face book on my lap top. Its work, really.

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